Who We Are

We are a small, committed team consisting of 9 Trustees, and 1 full-time staff. We are supported by our dedicated Volunteers (10 in total are registered with us) on whom support in various roles within the charity. 

Our trustees are:

Lisa Preece

Lisa Preece

I am currently the chairperson for the Trustees, and I have been involved with Headway Lincolnshire for many years.  I became involved with Headway Lincolnshire through my work as a Partner and Solicitor with Nelsons Law. I’m passionate about the work that Headway Lincolnshire does in providing support and understanding to brain injury survivors and their families in the County of Lincolnshire.

Lisa Preece

Jane Reams

I’m Jane Reams, and I’m a physiotherapist by profession. I have worked with many ABI survivors and their families for over 30 years through my work within the hospitals, community and private sector.

I have been involved with Headway Lincolnshire since 2009 and as a trustee since we went charity status in 2013.

Dr. Gemma Elliott

Dr. Gemma Elliott is a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist working within the Lincolnshire Neuropsychology Service.  Gemma is also a Trustee for Headway Lincolnshire and is committed to supporting the development of high-quality local rehabilitation services for survivors of brain injury.


Alan Armstrong    

Alan joined the board of Trustees  in 2016. Alan has cared for his wife for 5 years after she sustained a brain injury.                                                                    

Hilary Liddle

Hilary joined the board of Trustees in 2016, having been involved with the charity as a volunteer for a number of years. Hilary is a brain injury survivor having sustained her brain injury in a road traffic accident over 30 years ago. Hilary supports our ten pin bowling sessions and our social support group in Lincoln.

Lisa Preece

Veronica Wivell

I am a brain injury survivor, having acquired my brain injury nearly 20 years ago. I became a volunteer for the charity in 2012 and a Trustee for the charity in 2014.

Helen Murphy

Helen Murphy

I am a Trustee for Headway Lincolnshire. I became involved in Headway Lincolnshire through my professional life. I have worked as a Personal Injury Lawyer for 18 years and during that time have represented many clients who have suffered traumatic brain injury through accidents.  I have seen the effects of a brain injury and the challenges survivors and their families face.  In my spare time, I enjoy cycling (always with a cycle helmet!) and running.

Helen Rundle

I am a Trustee for Headway Lincolnshire, currently acting as the Secretary. I became involved with Headway Lincolnshire through my professional life as a Solicitor with Langleys Solicitors. I have represented many clients who have sustained brain injuries through accidents or medical negligence.

Lisa Preece

Ann-Marie Smith – Information & Support Worker

I became involved with Headway Lincolnshire as a volunteer with the charity in 2009 supporting the Boston group. In 2011 I was employed by the charity part-time.

I have a background working in Adult Social Care both as a 1:1 support worker and also as a support worker in a day center for physical and learning disabilities. I’m also a carer for a brain-injured parent, so I know firsthand how a brain injury can affect the family as well as the survivor.

John Knight

John is the Head of the Personal Injury and Medical Negligence departments at Ringrose Law, and for the last 20 years, he has specialized solely in Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Law.

Outside of work, John loves to spend time with his family and when he is not with his wife & three very active kids, John loves to go mountain biking, road cycling, skiing, golfing or just generally try’s to enjoy himself!

In 2017 John joined the Board of Trustees for Headway Lincolnshire and takes an active role in the charity.

Dr. Ian Hindle